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If you expect the weather to be warm and your event is outside, or if your event is before 5 p.m., plan on 70% white wine, 30% red wine. Otherwise, plan to serve 40% white wine and 60% red wine.

Cocktail Events or Parties

White Wine Choices:
  • In general, Chardonnay is extremely popular, and also very versatile.
  • On a warm day, you may also choose to serve a crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc.
  • If you are serving spicy foods, Riesling is a perfect pairing.
  • Fruity desserts and sweet appetizers such as Foie Gras pair wonderfully with white dessert wines such as our Late Harvest Chardonnay.
Red Wine Choices:
  • Pinot Noir is the most versatile and an excellent red wine choice for warmer weather.
  • Merlot is a popular crowd pleaser because of its chocolate flavors and soft finish.
  • Zinfandel offers jammy fruit flavors that pair well with grilled foods.
  • Full-bodied wines like Meritage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are recommended for pairing with beef, lamb, other hearty main courses and dark chocolate desserts.


Dinner Events or Parties

Pair the wine varietal with each course. See our pairing guidelines and Wine & Food Pairing Chart to get detailed food pairing information, or view detailed varietal descriptions below




Varietal Descriptions

One of the most fascinating things about wine is the startling array of types and styles there are to try. Take all the different grape varietals, plant them in wine regions throughout the world, then hand the grapes over to individual winemakers to practice their craft…and the results are a non-stop exploration of grape, vineyard, region and country that, for many, becomes a lifelong passion for wine.

Terroir is the concept that the location, soil and climate of a given vineyard site directly affect the flavor and characteristics of the wine produced from that vineyard.

Sauvignon Blanc (“so-veen-yawn blahnc”)

Light-bodied and crisp with fig, lemon and grassy tones.

Pinot Gris (“pea-know gree”)

A dry, crisp white wine with distinct acidity. Complex layers of lemon, apple, light spice and floral tones with a long finish.


Chardonnay (“shahr-dough-nay”)

Medium-bodied, buttery and oaky with vanilla, pineapple, peach and red apple flavors and a smooth finish.


Riesling (“rees-ling”)

Light- to medium-bodied with apricot, honeysuckle and pear flavors with a dry finish.

Muscat Canelli (“mus-kat kan-el-e”)

Medium-bodied with mandarin orange and tangerine flavors. Notes of peach blossom, spice and pear with a lingering finish.


Pinot Noir (“pea-know nwahr”)

Medium-bodied and silky with red cherry, strawberry and smoky, earth tones.


Syrah (“sir-rah”)

Heavy-bodied and chewy with black cherry, currant, jammy, spice and tobacco tones.


Merlot (“mair-low”)

Medium- to heavy-bodied, smooth-finishing with black cherry, plum, raspberry and chocolate notes.


Malbec (“mahl-bek”)

Full-bodied. Dark violet color. With a mix of blueberry and peppercorn on the palate. Medium to long finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon (“cab-air-nay so-veen-yawn”)

Full-bodied with black currant, coffee and dark chocolate notes with a long finish.


Zinfandel (“zin-fan-dell”)

Medium- to heavy-bodied with blackberry, raspberry, black pepper and smoke tones with a spicy finish.


Port (“pohrt”)

Lush plum, blueberry, espresso, black pepper and spice. Silky finish.

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